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As Instruments of the Holy Spirit, we are called to provide a safe haven, as in the womb of the Blessed Mother, for the Holy Spirit to heal, form, and transform God’s children with His love, truth, and power. At the House of Prayer, with God’s grace, the Marian Servants of Divine Providence® “use the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the spiritual growth and physical and psychological well-being of all people and the good of the Church.”1

Woman With Hemorrhage


This fresco from the catacomb of Saints Marcellinus and Peter, Rome, from the beginning of the fourth century A.D. depicts the encounter of Jesus with the woman with the hemorrhage. This woman who had suffered for many years was healed by touching the cloak of Jesus through the power that “had gone forth from him” (cf. Mark 5:25-34). This picture appears at the beginning of Part Two of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and symbolizes the divine and saving power of the Son of God who heals the whole man, soul and body, through the sacramental life.

Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer® began as a place of healing. After personally experiencing the Lord’s healing and restoration after the tragic death of her oldest son, and later witnessing the miraculous healing of her youngest son, Diane Brown felt a great desire to share the love of Jesus and his healing power with others. In 1980, the Lord prompted her to purchase a small wood framed house where she would pray for healing for all whom He would send. She and others who have joined her since have remained faithful to that call. At the new House of Prayer built in 2005 in memory of Diane’s son, the Marian Servants of Divine Providence® offer weekly Healing Masses, special healing events, and individual healing appointments.

In addition, the MARIAN SERVANTS® now have an affiliate community in St. Augustine, Florida that offers a one week course on healing prayer to train healing prayer ministers.



1Excerpt from Statutes of the Marian Servants of Divine Providence® Article 2 (citing Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, n. 1)