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He it was who inspired in His faithful people the will to build this house of prayer, He stirred up their desire and gave them His help.  He awakened enthusiasm among those who were first unconvinced, and guided to a successful conclusion the efforts of men of good will.  So God, who gives to those of good will both the desire and the accomplishment of the things that belong to Him, is the one who began this work, and the one who will bring it to completion.
– St. Augustine

Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer Foundation, Inc. was established to provide solely for the financial needs of the ministries of Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer and its future.

The Foundation is able to provide peace of mind and spiritual programs that change lives because of the generous support of people who believe in our ministry.  We are always glad and grateful to receive donations from the faithful.  Please prayerfully consider supporting our mission to bring Catholic Christians to a deeper understanding of their vocation and Mission in Christ, in the Church, and in the world.

However you choose to donate, your generosity is appreciated. That appreciation comes from not only those who are presently being served – it comes also from future generations who will benefit from our school, retreats, and other ministries.

Our endowment goal of $5 million will provide for the permanent and perpetual financial resources to maintain and improve the quality of our programs and facilities.

Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer, Inc. receives no financial assistance from the Diocese of St. Petersburg or from individual parishes and was established on December 8, 2014 as a Public Association of the Christian Faithful by the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer Foundation, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible.